Taranis – Kingdom

11 years have passed since the “In Days Of Yore” demo. It was released in 2000, and in the same year I composed an album’s worth of new songs. We split up shortly after, I didn’t plan to release them, but as the years passed by I started to feel that I won’t be able move on until I record these songs. So I finished the 40 minutes long album entitled “Kindgom”, which is the fulfilment of the path we stepped on with our demo.
You can listen to the album here on my page, under Taranis discography, or you can check the following:
The cover artwork shows the brilliant work of Gyula Havancsák (http://www.hjules.com), and the photos of me were taken by Andrea Takács (http://www.takacsandrea.hu).
The album is only available in digital format, for USD 8 you’ll get 24bit/48kHz FLAC quality on my Bandcamp page (or 320kbit MP3). There are plans for a limited CD release as well, hopefully it will happen in 1-2 months.

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  1. Lial:

    Kingdom is the best album of 2012 i am a guitarist myself and the music on the album has made a huge impact on me artistically and personally. Look foward to hearing more from Taranis soon.

  2. Damaris:

    KINGDOM I really liked this album, the four songs I bristle skin but STORM has a certain charm!
    I loved

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