Taranis biography

Taranis was formed by me in 1999.

It started as a one man band, but after I while I realized that I need somebody for the raw vocals so that I can develop my clear voice. It was time for Erik to join the band. He’s raw voice fits the music very well and he also had a lot of good ideas.

In 2000, after months of composing we finished 6 songs in about a half an hour, so we decided to release a demo tape in 200 copies (In Days Of Yore). The band split up after the demo.

Although I composed an album’s worth of new songs back in 2000, they’ve been abandoned for 11 years. I recorded them in 2011, and I finished a 40 minutes long album. It’s called “Kingdom” and it’s going to be released by me January 1st 2012.