Woodland Choir biography

I founded Woodland Choir back in 1998 with a wish to create fairy music with playful melodies, as well as melancholic songs, and bound them together in a unique style.

I released the first tape called Faerie in the beginning of ‘99. It contains fairy ambient music created with a single computer. I tried to fill the 80 minutes of this album with love, joy, sadness, happiness, playfulness and peace. It plays in a fairyland, throughout 16 chapters.

In 2000 I released the second tape called Visions. It plays in three different imaginary worlds, they also differ from each other musically, but the main style and the sound is close to the one on Faerie, as I was still using the same computer.

Two years later I decided to record an album using an acoustic guitar, two flutes and my voice. I wanted to compose simple, charming songs with very natural sound, and this wasn’t possible with a computer anymore. The lyrics are about love, inner peace, and the beauty of nature. I used both English and my native language, Hungarian. This album is called For you, which I released in 2002 on CD, and offered it as a free download as well. I got very good reviews from all over the world, a lot of people encouraged me to continue.

Even though all the nice feedback, a break in my life caused 7 years of silence in this project. I returned in 2009 with 9 songs in about 42 minutes. I use the same set of instruments as on For You, but the songs are more mature, they show a wider palette of colors, and I also managed to produce a very clear sound. All the lyrics are written in English this time, and the main idea is two halves of a soul rejoining, with a wish for a beatiful life filled with divine serenity. This album is entitled Serenity Rise, and it will be released in 2010 by Epidemie Records.